All Stein Distillery products start from authentic homegrown raw materials. Whether it's grain (rye, wheat, barley) grown on the family farm in Joseph or it's world renowned corn from Hermiston, Oregon - Stein Distillery products are truly handmade. Using homegrown grain is unique for any Oregon distillery; most distilleries purchase grains from a separate source or start from neutral grain spirits.
Whiskeys are aged for a minimum of two years in brand new, heavily charred American White Oak casks. Multiple years in these type barrels allow the alcohol time to fully interact with the wood and obtain a rich full flavor, spice aroma and woody body. At Stein Distillery, strict attention to detail is maintained from grain growth to harvest through fermenting, distilling, kegging, aging, filtering and bottling. Every step is done by hand and monitored closely, resulting in the highest quality product for the consumer.