Stein Distillery is now distilling 5 award winners that have competed in prestigious competitions including the World Whiskey Awards.

From left to Right, our 2 year aged Ram Rye Whiskey got the gold medal for being the Best Rye Whiskey through the Fifty Best Competition held in New York City. In that same year (2014) Stein Distillery also entered the Rye Vodka in the category "domestic vodka" also through the Fifty Best and was awarded a gold medal award. 

Stein Distillery is now producing the 5 year aged Bull Bourbon and the 5 year aged Ram Rye Whiskey, the older relatives to the 2 year aged Bull Bourbon and the 2 year aged Ram Rye Whiskey. The two whiskey's were awarded DOUBLE GOLD in the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

The 2 year aged Big Buck Blended Whiskey was awarded the Americas Best Blended Whiskey 7 years and under through the World Whiskey Awards.