7 YR Straight Courgar Corn Whiskey

7yr Cougar corn.jpg

To all you bourbon lovers, this whiskey is a must have. It was born from an accident (happy accident), 3 barrels forgotten in the back of the warehouse for 7 years. 3 barrels containing a bourbon based of 100% corn. Only yielding about 700 bottles from all 3 barrels. This whiskey is extremely limited and exclusive to the tasting rooms in Joseph and Beaverton.

The 7yr Straight Cougar Corn Whiskey will never be seen again once its all gone. Perfect for the whiskey collector. Perfect for showing off to your whiskey friends. Perfect whiskey. 

The first thing that hits your nose is the sweet aroma of butterscotch. Honey, caramel, even maple syrup comes to mind.  Incredibly smooth on the palette buttery and easy with a subtle  cinnamon finish.