We are pioneers

Stein Distillery pioneered the way for micro-distilleries in Eastern Oregon. Since opening up in 2009, Stein Distillery's line of handcrafted products has steadily increased, along with it's consumer base. In 2011, Stein Distillery released its much anticipated 2-year American Oak-aged Straight Rye and Straight Bourbon Whiskeys. 

Hands On

Stein Distillery's attention to detail is kept from grain growth to harvest, through fermenting , distilling, filtering and bottling - every step is done by hand producing a high quality product for the consumer. 

We Start from scratch

Since we grow our own grain on our own farm, we can ensure that the quality of the grain meets our high standards. 

Stein Distillery is a family run, handcrafted, turn-key operation that will capture "made-in-Oregon" consumers as well as those who appreciate family, hard-work and high quality. 


Distillery and Tasting Room

Joseph, OR                                                      604 N Main St.                                                Joseph, OR 97846


Tuesday 11am-4pm

Monday, Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

Sunday 11am- 3pm

Progress Ridge Tasting Room                       12325 SW Horizon Blvd. #215                         Beaverton, OR 97007


Tuesday- Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market TR will be open until 3pm

Wednesday, Thursday 1pm -7pm

Friday 1pm - 10pm

Saturday 3pm - 10pm

Please call to set private tastings during our closed times.